American Express Gold Charge Card – Optimisation and Maximisation for Return and Rewards

Ready to SAVE 13% on every Amazon purchase?

How about saving 13% on bill payments, Zomato food, and Ola/Uber rides too?

It’s possible with the American Express Gold Charge Card aka Amex Gold Card. Let’s explore how you can do it.

Get the most out of your Amex Gold Card:

– Earn 1 reward point for every Rs 50 spent.

– Unlock a bonus of 1000 reward points when you complete SIX transactions worth Rs 1000 or more in a month.

– That’s a whopping total of 1120 points per month with just Rs 6000 spent.

Cracking the code on those 1120 points

Base: 1 point per Rs 50. That adds up to 120 points

Bonus: A cool 1000 points

Total tally: 120 + 1000 = 1120

Assuming 1 point = 0.50 rupees (being conservative), you’re looking at a sweet 9.33% return on your Rs 6,000 spent!

But wait, that’s not the real magic.

The REAL MAGIC is the Amex Rewards Multiplier – accelerated rewards at its finest.

When you purchase Amazon Pay Gift Cards through the Amex website, you’ll earn a whopping 5x points.

That’s right, 5 times the points!

So those initial 120 points on Rs 6000 spent? They skyrocket to an impressive 600 points.

Now that’s what I call maximizing your rewards! Whopping 5x. This works on other vouchers like Flipkart, Croma, etc

Ref apply link –

Now you’ve got a whopping 1600 points—600 + 1000—on your Rs 6000 spend. That’s a total return of 13.33% on all your Amazon purchases, valued at 0.50 rupees per point!

But wait, there’s more! Have you thought about saving on bill payments, Ola, Uber, Zomato, and more?

You can pay for most things like recharges, Ola/Uber rides, Zomato orders, flights/hotels, etc. using your Amazon Pay wallet.

Use this 6000 Amazon Pay balance to get 13.33% savings on most of your daily expenses.

The best strategy here is to buy 6 x Rs 1000 Amazon Pay vouchers.

Don’t miss out on the Amex Gold Charge card! Get it now with our festive offer and snag 2000 bonus points, plus exclusive limited edition playing cards.

Simply apply through our referral link at to claim your 2000 bonus points & playing cards.

But hurry, the Playing Cards offer ends on October 31st –

With Amex Gold cards, every point earned can be transformed into cash or used for Amazon/Flipkart vouchers. You can even transfer them to hotels and flight partners for free stays and flights.

Check out the 18 and 24 Karat GOLD COLLECTION – where you can redeem your Points from Taj Vouchers to Shopping and travel vouchers.

24 Karat Gold Collection with 24,000 Membership Rewards® points which include:

Taj Voucher worth – Rs 14,000

Vistara voucher worth – Rs 11,000

Amazon voucher worth Rs 9,000

Flipkart voucher worth Rs 9,000

18 Karat Gold Collection with 18,000 Membership Rewards® points which include:

Taj Voucher worth – Rs 9,000

Myntra voucher worth – Rs 8,000

Amazon voucher worth Rs 7,000

Flipkart voucher worth Rs 7,000

Apply for a new Amex Gold Charge Card and score big!

Get 4,000 welcome points plus an extra 2,000 referral bonus points when you spend just Rs 5,000 in the first 90 days.

First-year fee: Rs 1,000

Second year onwards fee: Rs 4,500

Apply link –

Summarizing this, you will earn more than 25,200 MR points on Rs 72000 annual spending including referral bonus points and welcome bonus (1st year) and 19,200 points every year afterward.

That’s a whopping 17.5% return on your spending in the first year of the card and a 13.33% return second year onwards with just 72k spent. Apply here –

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